Professional Supervision

Professional supervision is now a requirement of many organisations. This has been made more so by the recommendation of the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse:

“Recommendation 16.45 Consistent with Child Safe Standard 5, each religious institution should ensure that all people in religious or pastoral ministry, including religious leaders, have professional supervision with a trained professional or pastoral supervisor who has a degree of independence from the institution within which the person is in ministry.”

Whist the primary focus of professional supervision is the role one performs in the workplace; I believe that this cannot be adequately addressed unless two key aspects are given attention. The first is a focus on you as a person who performs this role or ministry within a given work context in an organisation or system. Your values, beliefs and life experiences all contribute to the person you are becoming. This is about taking a holistic approach to personal learning and growth.

This second aspect extends this learning and growth to the potential for personal transformation that emerges from our calling to a deeper connection to ourselves, others, and to the spiritual source of our life.

In this learning journey I will offer deep listening, intuitive insights, empathy and challenge in a supportive and safe supervision environment.